​​​​​​​​​​​​​One Club, One Patch, One Mindset
​​​​​​​​​​​Greetings and Welcome!​​

    My Name is Anthony Hunt, road name SoCal, President, Albany, GA Chapter, a 501(c)3 organization.  We are honored that you took the time to visit our website.  The original Buffalo Soldiers created by Congress, were active from 1866-1944.  The Buffalo Soldiers of today represent the rich history of the original Buffalo Soldiers and are primarily military veterans, law enforcement personnel, and first responders, and of course...people like you.  I am a military veteran who served his country for 28 years, retiring as a Navy Lieutenant Commander.  We are one of about 120 chapters in the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC) organization, representing the Good Life City of Albany Georgia.  

    The Albany chapter takes pride in supporting our community by holding and participating in charity events that promote the betterment of the people.  Our primary focus is on children and the less fortunate, and of course veterans.  We have aligned ourselves with children's programs and schools to educate them on the history and contributions of the Buffalo Soldier, and to improve opportunities for our children.  We have an annual High School scholarship program for graduating seniors in our local community, because we need to do our part to promote our children's success.  We participate in programs such as Keep Dougherty County Beautiful and Habitat for Humanity.  We are proud to be a supporter of the local Boys and Girls Club.  We deliver much needed personal items to local nursing homes and to homeless centers such as Albany Rescue Mission and Open Arms, Inc., and we humble ourselves to deliver needed foods and gifts to the less fortunate during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As President, it is my goal to continue to educate our community on the Buffalo Soldier history; to improve the opportunities for our children; to be an ear and a voice for our elderly; to increase the ranks with BUFFALO SOLDIERS...not just members.

    It is not easy to become a Buffalo Soldier.  There are rigorus requirements and it takes time.  Additionally, the rides are ardouous as we ride in all types of weather (bitter cold, rain, and heat), and very long distances.  But we always practice safty first.  We do not discriminate against race or gender and encourage all who desire to partake in our rich history and to take a look inside.  When you ride as a "Soldier", you ride with national pride recognized by motorcycle clubs and people throughout America.  The Buffalo Soldier edict:  Honor, Valor and Courage.

Thank You!

Anthony "SolCal" Hunt
President, BSMC Albany, GA.